About the Art

Ted and d'Art
Ted Rubright

Welcome to Trubright Art. This site is my online gallery of visual, both digital and analog.

Digital Art Series 1: ArtMatic and the Neurogravure Series

For many years my digital artworks were created exclusively with ArtMatic Pro by U&I Software, a process not unlike musical synthesis. I would start off with a promising idea and then tweak it using sliders and parameter settings until something good happened. Occasionally I hit the randomize button and stumbled on a promising image but that was rare. I could take hours or even days to find something even remotely useful, which belied the software’s name: the was nothing automatic about it!

Digital Art Series  2: iPad App Art

After the iPad came out, I began using apps to draw directly on the tablet or mangle photographs. I use OmniSketch, Procreate, Snapseed, Tangled FX, Percolate, Frax and others. I created a portfolio called App Art to show them off.

About Ted

I am trained as a classical percussionist. I have a a day job in academic technology and a band called the WirePilots. My musical history is covered in my  “picture bio.”

I started drawing as a small child and kept it at it until high school, when I spent more and more time studying music. For years I thought that I would get back to visual art but I didn’t know which direction to go in. One night my wife, a friend and I rented a movie about Picasso which I’m pretty sure was this one. Seeing his process was a revelation to me; I would have to be fearless before the blank paper. I decided that every attempt was just that, an attempt. There was nothing that couldn’t be thrown out or started over. This freed me up to experiment.

The first thing I did was to go back to the ink and watercolor drawings that I had done as a kid. I started with a pencil sketch and went over it with india ink. After cleaning up the drawing with an eraser, I painted it with watercolor. They were semi-abstract but with hard edges and defined colors – somewhat cartoony. I did a lot of them in all sizes. I now refer to them as Analog Series 1. Eventually I started painting parts of them with acrylics so they became “mixed media” on paper. I now call that period Analog Series 2. Finally I jumped entirely to paint and started experimenting with abstraction, which led via a tortuous path to the Sticking Series, or Analog Series 3.

My latest digital series is called Dog Bark Park, which are dog portraits. I use OmniSketch, Procreate and other apps to draw the pups.